How advertising strategies affect the companies?

According to my opinion, a successful advertisement strategies can have a positive impact on the company. When a company advertises its products, it tries to create its impact on the target customers. The advertising strategies have the following impact on the company :-

Establish identity – A successful advertisement strategy can help in establishing the business identity among its competitors. This also helps the company to have brand recognition. According to me,when customers watch an effective advertisement campaign they are able to have good impact about company. The positive impact of about the company in the minds of people can also result in increasing the goodwill of the company(McQuerrey, 2019).

Rising profits

Increase profits – When the companies are able to make a positive impact on the target customers then the customers are likely to buy products from them. This helps in increasing the sales of the company which automatically escalate the profit margins of the company.

Increase in customer size – When the customers are motivated to purchase the products of the company, the consumer size of the company automatically increase. The consumers may also become loyal to the company when they have positive impact about the company

Fiscal sales of roots

The given bar chart, shows the increased sales of Roots Canada from 281.9 M in 2016 to 326.1 M in 2017 (Davies, 2018) . The increase in sales is the result of successful advertising strategies done by the company to attract its customers. The company gave a lot discount offers and deals to its customers which induced them to purchase the product of the company.

In my opinion, the companies should plan the advertising strategies accordingly so that they can be beneficial for the company, and can have a positive impact on the company.


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