Television Commercials

Television advertisements or commercials are the fundamental advertisements that are broadcasted through television. They are the span of programming which are paid for and produced by a company to convey a message to its (Commercial Laws, 2019).

In my view, the advertising through television commercials is one of the best advertising strategies of the companies to increase its sales. According to a survey report, the spending on advertisement has reached $11.52 billions in Canada in 2018(Phillips, 2018).

According to my perspective, television commercials is the good source to promote the products of the company. Television is one of the platforms by which the information can be shared to millions of people at a time. The television advertisements are usually done to attract the target market of the customers. These television commercials is done by the same age group people or the famous celebrities to whom the most of the people follow. When people see them wearing a particular brand clothes, they are induced to buy the clothes of the same brand.

H&M television commercial

For instance, the above advertising of H&M, which is done by the young women to attract the target customers of the same age. According to this ad, the company is offering clothes for the fall. These clothes are available in different colors, sizes and designs. This commercial indicates that the H&M clothes are really classy and comfortable that the customers would be feeling confident while wearing them. The target customers would be induced to purchase the products and that would automatically increase the sales and the size of the customers of the company.


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