Social Media Engagement

Technology and the social media rules the mind of people. In this techno- savvy era every individual is engaged in using a lot of technological devices and websites in order to gather information about the different types of goods and services provided to them. For instance, in the case of clothing people search for various fashion and trends going on in the market from various shopping sites and websites. Nowadays, many companies have their own pages on social media like Facebook, Instagram and on many other sites like Amazon, Shein so that they can promote their products.

In the above picture, we can see that the Gap Inc. company has its own facebook page which attracts the consumers towards them. The page helps the customer to know more about the company’s profile as well as the products offered by them. The consumers post their reviews on the company’s page which promotes the goodwill of the company in the eyes of potential customers. As a result of this, the company get a huge boost in its consumer size.

For example, the revenue of Gap was $15.516 B in 2017 which increased to $15.855 B in 2018. The sales revenue is expected to be increased to $16.58 B in 2019. The GAP revenue kept on increasing from 2017 to 2019 as a result of engaging in social media(ITrade, 2019).

According to my opinion, this method of advertising is helpful to a great extent as it provides an opportunity to the clothing industry to increase their sales. In today’s world, people give more preference to online shopping instead of traditional shopping. The online shopping is convenient and the person can have access to a great variety which cannot be possible in the case of traditional shopping. Moreover, the companies who follow this strategy got more success in contrast to the companies who doesn’t promote their products through social media.


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