Deals and offerings

In my opinion, nowadays the world is full of competition. To survive in the world full of competition, the companies have to give various deals and offerings to the customers so that they can stay loyal to company.

Every store or company tries to give the best offers to its customers like discounts, free gifts, buy one get other at discount, buy one get free etc so that the customers are induced to buy from them(Hirsh, 2019).

Discount Offers
Loyalty cards

These advertising techniques are really useful for the newly formed companies so they come with different offers like: getting 50 percent discount to its first 100 customers. These offers help the new companies to stand out from the competitors in the business market. The companies use different sources of media to inform the customers about the ongoing and upcoming deals. This tends to attract the customers to buy the product.

Discount offers by different companies

For example, the discount offer of 25 percent by Zara, Marks Spencer and Pantaloons has resulted in attracting the target consumers to purchase the products of the company. When the customers purchase more, then the sales and the revenue of the company increases. The goodwill of the company is also appreciated.

According to me, when the customers get good deals on the products that suits their taste and preferences they feel happy. Moreover, the customers do not have to spend much from their pockets and they can buy more with less money. The experience of using offers and deals while shopping makes the customers loyal to the company.


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