Advertising Strategies For Clothing


(Channelinstincts, 2013)

Marketing is crowded with lot of tricks and tactics which are used to sell the products. Advertising is one of those tactics. Advertising is an indispensable part of market which cannot be separated from it. According to my perspective, the sellers and the suppliers of the product practice numerous strategies in order to expand their consumer size. Here, in this blog I’m going to explain the different kinds of strategies used by retailers in order to sell their apparels. I chose clothing industry as my topic to explain the advertising strategies, as this is a prominent and well-known industry which uses advertisements and got success in growing their consumers size. An advertising strategy is a blueprint that helps the seller to sell the product to the consumers (Vaux, n.d.) . The advertising strategies plays an important role for every brand, so the brands take this seriously and they make their plan accordingly. Brands which fails to plan often face many obstacles and barely get success in growing the number of consumers. The company should take right decisions regarding the advertising strategies that are to be used because this method is crucial for every business in order to enhance their size of operations. Strategies also differ from generation to generation, as there are different products for millennial or baby boomers. So, the retailers should plan accordingly by taking both generations in consideration. The advertising strategies vary according to the different types of business. The types of advertising strategies for clothing are as follows:

  • Fashion shows.
  • Deals and offerings.
  • Social media engagement.
  • TV commercials.


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