Advertising Strategies For Clothing


(Channelinstincts, 2013)

Marketing is crowded with lot of tricks and tactics which are used to sell the products. Advertising is one of those tactics. Advertising is an indispensable part of market which cannot be separated from it. According to my perspective, the sellers and the suppliers of the product practice numerous strategies in order to expand their consumer size. Here, in this blog I’m going to explain the different kinds of strategies used by retailers in order to sell their apparels. I chose clothing industry as my topic to explain the advertising strategies, as this is a prominent and well-known industry which uses advertisements and got success in growing their consumers size. An advertising strategy is a blueprint that helps the seller to sell the product to the consumers (Vaux, n.d.) . The advertising strategies plays an important role for every brand, so the brands take this seriously and they make their plan accordingly. Brands which fails to plan often face many obstacles and barely get success in growing the number of consumers. The company should take right decisions regarding the advertising strategies that are to be used because this method is crucial for every business in order to enhance their size of operations. Strategies also differ from generation to generation, as there are different products for millennial or baby boomers. So, the retailers should plan accordingly by taking both generations in consideration. The advertising strategies vary according to the different types of business. The types of advertising strategies for clothing are as follows:

  • Fashion shows.
  • Deals and offerings.
  • Social media engagement.
  • TV commercials.


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Fashion Shows

(Pinterest, n.d. )

Fashion industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Nowadays people are more willing to become a fashion fiesta. They all want to know about the latest trends going on in the market, so that they can walk with the trend. For this purpose, they watched the fashion shows organized by the brands. Fashion shows serves the customers of the brand with the knowledge of fashion as well as it also serves as a source of entertainment. The brands organize these fashion shows by endorsing the celebrities as the consumers are more attracted towards them. In this era, the young generation is so fascinated about the celebrities and wants to become like them. So, taking this into consideration the brand makes the famous stars as their brand ambassadors. In order to advertise the product, the fashion shows are organized in almost every season to throw the light on the incoming trends by some renowned fashion brands.

(Online Clothing Study, 2017)

As shown in the picture, it can be seen that there are a lot of people watching the ramp walk along with the dressing style of the models. According to my perspective, this is modern form of advertising strategy used by brands which fills the mind of their consumers with ample of ideas regarding the clothing style. When the customers are excited about the company’s products they purchase the apparels which helps the company to increase its revenue as well as their consumer size.

The fashion industry, i.e. the apparel industry, contributes a huge part in the revenue generation. Presently, the Indian fashion industry is worth Rs 10,000 Cr, which depicts that it has a huge share in the market. However, the Indian fashion industry just has 0.2% of the total market share at international level. But it is expected to be escalated in the coming years with an increase in the designers, more brands and the consumer size  (Online Clothing Study, 2017).


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Deals and offerings

In my opinion, nowadays the world is full of competition. To survive in the world full of competition, the companies have to give various deals and offerings to the customers so that they can stay loyal to company.

Every store or company tries to give the best offers to its customers like discounts, free gifts, buy one get other at discount, buy one get free etc so that the customers are induced to buy from them(Hirsh, 2019).

Discount Offers
Loyalty cards

These advertising techniques are really useful for the newly formed companies so they come with different offers like: getting 50 percent discount to its first 100 customers. These offers help the new companies to stand out from the competitors in the business market. The companies use different sources of media to inform the customers about the ongoing and upcoming deals. This tends to attract the customers to buy the product.

Discount offers by different companies

For example, the discount offer of 25 percent by Zara, Marks Spencer and Pantaloons has resulted in attracting the target consumers to purchase the products of the company. When the customers purchase more, then the sales and the revenue of the company increases. The goodwill of the company is also appreciated.

According to me, when the customers get good deals on the products that suits their taste and preferences they feel happy. Moreover, the customers do not have to spend much from their pockets and they can buy more with less money. The experience of using offers and deals while shopping makes the customers loyal to the company.


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Social Media Engagement

Technology and the social media rules the mind of people. In this techno- savvy era every individual is engaged in using a lot of technological devices and websites in order to gather information about the different types of goods and services provided to them. For instance, in the case of clothing people search for various fashion and trends going on in the market from various shopping sites and websites. Nowadays, many companies have their own pages on social media like Facebook, Instagram and on many other sites like Amazon, Shein so that they can promote their products.

In the above picture, we can see that the Gap Inc. company has its own facebook page which attracts the consumers towards them. The page helps the customer to know more about the company’s profile as well as the products offered by them. The consumers post their reviews on the company’s page which promotes the goodwill of the company in the eyes of potential customers. As a result of this, the company get a huge boost in its consumer size.

For example, the revenue of Gap was $15.516 B in 2017 which increased to $15.855 B in 2018. The sales revenue is expected to be increased to $16.58 B in 2019. The GAP revenue kept on increasing from 2017 to 2019 as a result of engaging in social media(ITrade, 2019).

According to my opinion, this method of advertising is helpful to a great extent as it provides an opportunity to the clothing industry to increase their sales. In today’s world, people give more preference to online shopping instead of traditional shopping. The online shopping is convenient and the person can have access to a great variety which cannot be possible in the case of traditional shopping. Moreover, the companies who follow this strategy got more success in contrast to the companies who doesn’t promote their products through social media.


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Television Commercials

Television advertisements or commercials are the fundamental advertisements that are broadcasted through television. They are the span of programming which are paid for and produced by a company to convey a message to its (Commercial Laws, 2019).

In my view, the advertising through television commercials is one of the best advertising strategies of the companies to increase its sales. According to a survey report, the spending on advertisement has reached $11.52 billions in Canada in 2018(Phillips, 2018).

According to my perspective, television commercials is the good source to promote the products of the company. Television is one of the platforms by which the information can be shared to millions of people at a time. The television advertisements are usually done to attract the target market of the customers. These television commercials is done by the same age group people or the famous celebrities to whom the most of the people follow. When people see them wearing a particular brand clothes, they are induced to buy the clothes of the same brand.

H&M television commercial

For instance, the above advertising of H&M, which is done by the young women to attract the target customers of the same age. According to this ad, the company is offering clothes for the fall. These clothes are available in different colors, sizes and designs. This commercial indicates that the H&M clothes are really classy and comfortable that the customers would be feeling confident while wearing them. The target customers would be induced to purchase the products and that would automatically increase the sales and the size of the customers of the company.


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How advertising strategies affect the companies?

According to my opinion, a successful advertisement strategies can have a positive impact on the company. When a company advertises its products, it tries to create its impact on the target customers. The advertising strategies have the following impact on the company :-

Establish identity – A successful advertisement strategy can help in establishing the business identity among its competitors. This also helps the company to have brand recognition. According to me,when customers watch an effective advertisement campaign they are able to have good impact about company. The positive impact of about the company in the minds of people can also result in increasing the goodwill of the company(McQuerrey, 2019).

Rising profits

Increase profits – When the companies are able to make a positive impact on the target customers then the customers are likely to buy products from them. This helps in increasing the sales of the company which automatically escalate the profit margins of the company.

Increase in customer size – When the customers are motivated to purchase the products of the company, the consumer size of the company automatically increase. The consumers may also become loyal to the company when they have positive impact about the company

Fiscal sales of roots

The given bar chart, shows the increased sales of Roots Canada from 281.9 M in 2016 to 326.1 M in 2017 (Davies, 2018) . The increase in sales is the result of successful advertising strategies done by the company to attract its customers. The company gave a lot discount offers and deals to its customers which induced them to purchase the product of the company.

In my opinion, the companies should plan the advertising strategies accordingly so that they can be beneficial for the company, and can have a positive impact on the company.


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