Fashion Shows

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Fashion industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Nowadays people are more willing to become a fashion fiesta. They all want to know about the latest trends going on in the market, so that they can walk with the trend. For this purpose, they watched the fashion shows organized by the brands. Fashion shows serves the customers of the brand with the knowledge of fashion as well as it also serves as a source of entertainment. The brands organize these fashion shows by endorsing the celebrities as the consumers are more attracted towards them. In this era, the young generation is so fascinated about the celebrities and wants to become like them. So, taking this into consideration the brand makes the famous stars as their brand ambassadors. In order to advertise the product, the fashion shows are organized in almost every season to throw the light on the incoming trends by some renowned fashion brands.

(Online Clothing Study, 2017)

As shown in the picture, it can be seen that there are a lot of people watching the ramp walk along with the dressing style of the models. According to my perspective, this is modern form of advertising strategy used by brands which fills the mind of their consumers with ample of ideas regarding the clothing style. When the customers are excited about the company’s products they purchase the apparels which helps the company to increase its revenue as well as their consumer size.

The fashion industry, i.e. the apparel industry, contributes a huge part in the revenue generation. Presently, the Indian fashion industry is worth Rs 10,000 Cr, which depicts that it has a huge share in the market. However, the Indian fashion industry just has 0.2% of the total market share at international level. But it is expected to be escalated in the coming years with an increase in the designers, more brands and the consumer size  (Online Clothing Study, 2017).


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